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It's what you eat.

Nouveau Cuisinier
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Rules of this community (in no particular order):

1. Any recipe you post must have been tried out by you. Please provide an unbiased review of the taste and the level of difficulty.
2. If you got the recipe off the internet, feel free to link it, but again as with #1, you need to try it out and review it before you post it.
3. We're not Rachel Ray--"Eye balling--" will not work. Please be extremely clear with your cooking instructions and measurements.
4. Posting pictures is not a must but is highly appreciated. LJ-cut is highly recommended as most of us will be checking LJ when we are the hungriest. Please be kind.
5. Please keep in mind that this community is for beginners, so experts, again, please be clear about your instructions.
6. Please indicate the brand name and store you got your condiments from [this goes mainly for sauces. it's ridiculous how a different soy sauce, for example, can totally make or break a dish]. However, for our international members, this isn't a must, but it will help your country mates.
7. Recipes for salad dressings and sauces are also appreciated. Anything is welcome here as long as it is food and drink related.
8. Please use easily attainable ingredients or suggest reliable substitutions instead, like chicken in place of reindeer or something.
9. Regd. drinks: "Bud light from your local supermarket" is not a valid post. I'm talking about mixed alcoholic drinks, pop/soda made at home, yoghurt drinks, non-alcoholic drinks made at home, etc. we are pro-sugar and anti-high fructose corn syrup.
10. Post only one recipe per post. This seems like a good idea, but I'm not sure if it's a big deal.